Cloud Analytics Removed From Customer Portal ( on 29-January-2019

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To help set the stage for eventual replacement of Cloud Analytics with more robust, built-in Container Monitor (CMON) tools:

The resource utilization graphs and "View Detailed Analytics" on the Compute/Instance Details page are being removed from the Customer Portal at You can view the page that currently contains "View Detailed Analytics" by logging in to the Portal and navigating to Instances and clicking the "Name" of an instance.

Here is a screenshot of the Compute/Instance Details page's appearance, once Cloud Analytics has been removed on 29-January-2019:


Actions Taken by Joyent

As noted above, Joyent will replace Cloud Analytics with higher-functioning Container Monitor (CMON) tools in the Customer PortalFurther updates will be posted in this advisory.

In the meantime, please see the further advice and instructions in the "Actions You Need to Take" section below.

Actions You Need to Take

Triton Enterprise Software Users

Joyent recommends that customers with on-premises Triton Enterprise software deployments contact Joyent Support for assistance in downloading the latest version (v5.0.75) of the Customer Portal. 

Triton Public Cloud Users

While Joyent prepares the upcoming replacement of Cloud Analytics with helpful Container Monitor (CMON) tools, Trition Public Cloud customers can still use CMON in conjunction with Prometheus, as shown here and here.

Additionally, customers can (as always) opt for various third-party monitoring applications or services to collect metrics from their instances:

  • Many Joyent customers use a third-party service such as New Relic to monitor daily usage.
  • Depending on your requirements, you may also wish to configure your own monitoring suite by investing in software such as Zabbix or Nagios, for more fine-grained control over the monitoring of your own infrastructure.
  • For further information, contact software providers directly.

Open Source SmartOS/Triton Users

Open Source users do not have access to Customer Portal functions, but can opt for CMON with Prometheus, or third-party monitoring (as suggested to Triton Public Cloud customers above). 

Please direct any further questions to The SmartOS Community Mailing Lists and IRC.


If you are a Joyent customer and have any further questions or concerns after reading the information provided above, please contact Joyent Support.

As noted above, if you are an Open Source SmartOS and/or Triton user, please direct any further questions to the SmartOS Community Mailing Lists and IRC.

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