Verify the durability of an object

Adam G. -

By default, objects in Triton Object Storage (Manta) have a durability level of 2. If you specified that you only wanted to store 1 copy of an object, it is possible to create an additional copy for redundancy.

You can verify the durability of any object by running minfo against that object, as shown by the example below:

$ minfo ~~/stor/test/test.out | grep durability
durability-level: 1

You can then run the following job on all objects with a durability level of 1 to create an additional copy:

mjob create -m 'mput -f $MANTA_INPUT_FILE $MANTA_INPUT_OBJECT'

In using the earlier example, the command will look similar to the following:

mfind ~~/stor/test/test.out | mjob create -m 'mput -f $MANTA_INPUT_FILE $MANTA_INPUT_OBJECT'

Note that you will need to replace the mfind search predicate to match the object(s) you wish to create an additional copy of.

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