Export custom image without Manta

Adam G. -

The sdc-imgadm and node-triton tools are able to export an image to a specified Manta path. If you do not have a Manta deployment, or would like to export your image locally, follow the steps below.

Login to the head node of your data center and execute the following:

Replace <image_uuid> and <image_name> with the UUID and name of the image you would like to export.

sdc-imgadm get <image_uuid> > /var/tmp/<image_name>.imgmanifest
sdc-imgadm get-file <image_uuid> > /var/tmp/<image_name>.zfs.gz

Uploading to Joyent Support

If you were guided to this article by Joyent Support, we will provide curl commands to upload the image files to our Manta storage. The curl commands use signed URLs to upload the image files from your head node to our Manta storage in a private location.

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