Self service nics for Virtual Instances

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You can create, delete, or list virtual networks on a virtual machine.

Sometimes you want to do add and deletes of vnics by yourself instead of submitting a support ticket. This article tells you how.

You will need to locally install the Node CloudAPI tools:

Once you have that working, you can do the following using the sdc-nics CloudAPI tool:


SmartDC machine NIC operations



    sdc-nics [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS...]

    sdc-nics help COMMAND



    -h, -?, --help         Print help and exit.

    --version              Print version and exit.

    -d, --debug            equivalent to --verbose

    -a ARG, --account=ARG  account name. Environment: SDC_ACCOUNT=ARG

    -A ARG, --user=ARG     account sub-user login. Environment: SDC_USER=ARG

    -u ARG, --url=ARG      url for SmartDataCenter API. Environment: SDC_URL=ARG

    -v, --verbose          display additional internal details during request

    -k ARG, --keyId=ARG    your ssh key fingerprint. Environment: SDC_KEY_ID=ARG

    --role=ARG             non-default roles to make request with



    help (?)        Help on a specific sub-command.

    list            List your machine's NICs.

    get             Get a machine's NIC by MAC.

    create          Create a new NIC on one of your machines, and reboot the machine.

    delete          Removes a NIC from a machine, and reboots machine.


-h, -?, --help Show this help.

First, find the networks available to you for your data center. Note, these are for the us-east-1 datacenter. You will need to set the SDC_URL to the datacenter you need.

"id": "5983940e-58a5-4543-b732-c689b1fe4c08",
"name": "Joyent-SDC-Private",
"public": false
"id": "9ec60129-9034-47b4-b111-3026f9b1a10f",
"name": "Joyent-SDC-Public",
"public": true
"id": "09a4c63e-6c78-4ae6-9440-ecdde2da9934",
"name": "default",
"public": false

sdc-nics create 5983940e-58a5-4543-b732-c689b1fe4c08 0000000-7ded-45cc-8474-451fa59b9234
"mac": "90:b8:d0:19:95:4f",
"ip": "",
"primary": false,
"gateway": "",
"netmask": "",
"state": "provisioning"

It will not show up in the customerUI but if you login the instance, you will see the new nic with the ifconfig command.

Give it a try.


NOTE: Adding additional nics is supported for nics on private VLANs in general or public VLANs allocated specifically to your account. Adding nics on general Joyent public networks is not supported. 

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