NAT to a StingRay Cluster for Internet access for systems on private only VLAN

Jasun -

The following is how to configure systems on a private VLAN to connect to the Internet by using clustered StingRay Load balancers as a gateway.  Customer do this so that the systems on the on the private VLAN can have access to the Internet.

You can do this by:

Adding an IP in the VLAN on the StingRay to use as your gateway. For this example we will use

Add the IP through the stingray admin panel.  If you are using clustered load balancers you will have to add it to both.

Enable Network Address Translation ( NAT ) on the StingRay devices:

echo "map net0 -> 0/32" > /etc/ipf/ipnat.conf 
routeadm -u -e ipv4-forwarding
svcadm enable ipfilter

You then can use the new IP as your gateway for your systems with private only addresses on the VLAN.

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