Re-Generating Host Keys in Debian 7

Jason S. -

Customers who are running debian-7 Image UUID 3b3a5722-fe64-11e3-9210-a7f2bebffd0f or UUID d763e880-c669-11e3-b742-0f142d68b997 should update their host keys by following the procedure below. 

  • Delete any existing ssh_host keys by running:
      $ find /etc/ssh -type f -name "ssh_host_*" -exec rm -f '{}' +
  •  Re-generate the keys by running:
    $ dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

The affected debian-7 images have been disabled at this time, and a new debian-7 image (UUID 6dde8b1a-0780-11e4-a57b-6b7ac24a7cd4) has been created to address this issue for future provisions.

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