mdata-get and non-root users in Joyent Linux datasets

Richard -

When running the /lib/smartdc/mdata-get tool on a Joyent Linux dataset as a non-root user, you'll see some errors about bad permissions. This may cause problems with your terminal (user input not echoed back), which to get back to normal will take a "reset". 

Along the same lines of this is that the Joyent MOTD banner calls the mdata-get tool, which can cause problems for non-root users logging in (either via SSH or via "su - username"). To fix this, you can remove the call to mdata-get from the banner by commenting out the following two lines in /lib/smartdc/joyent_motd_footer.

  • ENABLE_MOTD_SYS_INFO=$($MDATA_GET_BIN enable_motd_sys_info 2>>/dev/null)
  • ENABLE_MOTD_JOYENT_INFO=$($MDATA_GET_BIN enable_motd_joyent_info 2>>/dev/null)

This is something we'll be addressing in later releases of the Linux datasets.

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