Ways to backup data

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Backups are vital to your business and your responsibility.

The following are some suggestions for customers to implement.

  1. Commercial Software: You can purchase and install a third-party storage solution. Ideally, you will want a storage solution that stores your data in virtual tape libraries on an NFS mount. When considering a backup solution, perform due diligence and ensure you arrive at a solution that is tailored toward your specific business needs.

    Note: The commercial backup solutions in the below list are only intended as examples.
  2. OpenSource Software: Typically, commercial backup products include hefty price tags. Small to medium sized companies may want to consider an Open Source solution. However, when considering open source products, you need to compare the strengths and weaknesses of open software with commercial software. In general, commercial software is more expensive but provides mature support channels. With open source, you can typically get started for far less money but you may find yourself at some point in need of support with limited options.

    Caution!: Use open source software at your own risk!

  3. Custom Scripts: You can write custom scripts that automate the entire backup process to an NFS mount. When creating scripts, you should archive daily copies of changed files and rotate old files.

You should periodically test all of your backups to ensure that you can restore them properly when needed. This solves two problems:

  • Testing verifies that you are backing up files that are correctly restored when you need them during an emergency. 
  • Testing gives you an opportunity to document and preserve the entire backup process. Preserving these types of processes are difficult during times of crisis.


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