Triton Cloud: Submitting Support Requests and Authorizing Support Users

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Submitting Support Requests to Joyent Support

All customers of Joyent’s Triton Public Cloud can submit support requests in one of two ways:

  1. Logging into Joyent’s help desk system:
  2. Sending an email to:

To ensure authorization of your request:

When submitting a ticket to Joyent Support, you must use the same email address as the one you added to your Joyent account at!/account. Unless you authorize additional users (see section below), we will not be able to process support requests from any email address other than the one you chose for your Triton account.

Authorizing Additional Users

As the primary Joyent account-holder, you can authorize other users to submit support requests on your behalf. You must authorize other users before they submit a ticket, otherwise the user may experience a delay in obtaining Support’s assistance. We take security very seriously and therefore it is important that we confirm authorization of all users requesting support.

There are two methods by which you can authorize additional users:

Method 1:

Authorize all users in an email domain specified by you*, such as your company’s email domain.

*Please note that you can authorize multiple domains, however we will not accept authorization of public domains, such as ``.

Method 2:

Authorize a list of specified users by providing their full names and email addresses.

To authorize additional users using one or both of the two methods above, you must submit a Support ticket from your primary account email address (see Submitting Support Requests to Joyent Support), stating that you are authorizing one or more specified email domains and/or a list of specified users' names and email addresses.

If any user's status should change at any point, it is the account-holder's responsibility to maintain those records by submitting a new support request with details of the change.


If you have any questions regarding this authorization process, please raise a request in the Support portal or by email.

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