New: Auto-Advice Emails Regarding Account Changes

Sean G. -

Joyent constantly strives to improve the convenience and security of our customers' services. With this in mind, a new feature has been added.

Starting today, when you make certain changes to your Triton public cloud account, you will automatically receive an email upon completion of each change. Here is an example:

Dear Customer,

This is a courtesy email from Joyent regarding your account [username] on the Triton Public Cloud. 

The password used to authenticate your account to the Web Portal has been changed.

If you authorized this change yourself, you may disregard this message. If you did not, please contact Joyent Support immediately.

Thank you!

In addition to password change confirmations, these automatic advice emails will also confirm other types of account events, including addition/removal of SSH keys, and changes to your email address.

Account change advice emails will always be sent to the address that you set up here (after logging in). Email address change confirmations will always be sent to the old and new addresses.

If you have any questions regarding any automatic advice email, please do not hesitate to contact Joyent Support at or by email to

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